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Name Conference    Title of Paper Presented Date Venue
Associate Professor Dr. Che Ku Mohammad Faizal Che Ku Yahya Conference and Exhibition on Desalination for The Environment Clean Water and Energy Molecularly imprinted membrane system for endocrine removal 11 May 2014 15 May 2014 Limassol, Cyprus
Dr. Lakhveer Singh International Conference on Energy and Environment Research 2014 Hydrogen and methane production from palm oil mill effluent in the two-stage thermophilic mesophilic anaerobic reactor 18 July 2014 19 July 2014 Madrid, Spain
Dr. Hadi Manap The Fourth Annual Asian Conference on Sustainability A DOAS system for monitoring of ammonia emission in the agricultural sector 12 June 2014 15 June 2014 Osaka, Jepun
Dr. Lakhveer Singh 4th International Conference on Environment and ICEBS Bioscience 2014 Bioelectricity generation and treatment of sugar mill effluent using a microbial fuel cell 08 October 2014 09 October 2014 Jinju, Korea
Dr. Hadi Manap International Conference on Power and Energy Systems Engineering 2014 The interference study of green-house gases for an ammonia sensor 26 September 2014 27 September 2014 Shanghai, China
Dr. Samson Mekbib Atnaw 4th International Conference on Enviroment and ICEBS Bioscience 2014 Parametric study for maximizing heating value of gasification syngas 08 October 2014 09 October 2014 Jinju, Korea
Professor Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim ASME International Mechanical Engineer Congress & Exposition Structural properties of similar and dissimilar aluminium alloy joints by FSW 14 November 2014 20 November 2014 Montreal, Canada