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Professor Dato' Dr. Engr. Zularisam Ab Wahid

Professor Dato' Dr. Engr. Zularisam Ab Wahid

Academic : Energy and Environmental - Dean and Professor

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2008 : Ijazah Kedoktoran (Doctoral Degree), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
2002 : Ijazah Sarjana (Masters Degree), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
1997 : Ijazah Sarjana Muda (Bachelor Degree), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

1. Drinking Water And Industrial Waste Water (Sewage, Dye And High Strength Waste Water) – Very High
2. Renewable Energy Generation – Very High
3. Membrane Formulation, Membrane Fiber Production And Membrane Cleaning – Very High

1. Development Of Pulsed Electrolytic Dissolution Process For The Generation Of Nano-Particles
2. Development Of Nano Particles Coated Electrodes As Cathode Catalyst In Microbial Fuel Cells
3. Enhanced Hydrogen Production from Palm Oil Mill Effluent using Two Stage Sequential Dark and Photo Fermentation
4. Synthesis of Graphene in Waste Water Purification
5. Production of Hydrogen and Methane (H2-CH4) By Two Stage-Dark Fermentation of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)
6. Production of Natural Sweetener
7. Investigation of a Mathematical Model to Assess Traffic Risk based on Human Reactions in Fatigue Cases and Vehicle Dynamics to Enhance Safety
8. Application of anaerobic digestion of organic wastes to biochemically store solar thermal energy
9. Novel natural polymer modified mortar with seaweed for sustainable concrete
10. Study on Extraction of Pectin form Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Polyrhizus) peels and its Potential use as Cholesterol Absorber
11. Production of Natural Antibacterial Hand Sanitizing Gel
12. Diaclean
13. Knowledge Transfer On The Development And Application Of Membrane Dialyzer Cleaning Solution For Reprocessing And Reusing Of Dialyzer (Artificial Kidney) At Pusat Hemodialisis Islam Makmur Kuantan " A Green Technology Solution"
14. Prototype Application of Renewable Bio-Hydrogen Reactor Using Immobilized Mixed Cell Culture From Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) Through Dark and Photo Fermentation
15. Lipid Biosynthesis from Oleaginous Yeast from Biodiesel Feedstock using Palm Oil mills Effluent Through its Remediation
16. Transfer of Integrated Groundwater and Rainwater Harvesting Via Wasra tm UMP System As Alternative Water Supply
17. Study on Fluidized Bed Gasification of Various lingo Cellulosic Biomass
18. Microbial Fuel Cell for Combined Wastewater Treatment and Hydrogen Production from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)
19. Purification of Xylitol using Hybrid System
20. Regeneration and recycling of Hemodialysis Membrane Dialyzer
21. Hydrogen Recovery and Treatment of Sewage Water by Electrochemical Process
22. Diaclean
23. Fundamental Study Of Immobilized-Cell Reactor Technology For Enhanced Sustainable Bio- Energy And Treatment Efficiency Of Palm Oil Mill Effluent
24. Development of Combined Dark-Photo Fermentation Immobilization Cell System For Enhanced Bio Energy Production and Treatment Efficiency of Wastewater
25. Green Technology Application of Membrane for Sustainable Treatment and Reclamation of Dye Coloured Tenun Pahang Waste Water
26. Ecological Study of the Tasik Chini, Pahang, Malaysia
27. A Fundamental Study of Oestrogen Sorption In Soil
28. Intensified Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor for Biodegradation of Petrochemical Wastewater to Methane
29. Effect of Industrial Effluent on Surrounding Green Environmental Sustainability in Gebeng Area
30. Synthesis of Xylitol Using Locally Produced Xylose Reductase Enzyme from Candida Tropicalis
31. Production and Purification of Xylitol Using Commercial Scale Hybrid System
32. Recovery and Separation of Cellulose from Sawdust Hydrolysates: Effect of Transmembrane Pressure and Cross Flow Velocity
33. Production of High Quality Natural Dye from Biomass
34. Optimization of Substrate Pretreatment for Enhancing Sorbitol Production from Sawdust
35. Bio-H2 Production from POME Waste Watery by Using UASBR Reactor
36. Membrane Fouling Study on Hospital Wastewater
37. Potential Study of Regenerating Malfunctioned Polysulfone (Psf) Membrane Dialyser from Hemodialysis Centre
38. Production of Assymetric Polymeric Hollow Fiber Membrane for Advanced Water and Waste Water Purification
39. Potential Study of Regenerating Malfunctioned Dialyzed Membrane from Hemodialysis Center
40. Mechanism and Kinetics of CO Bofixation by Micro Algae Sprirulina Platensis
41. Study of Butyrate and Propionic in CSTR Performance for Palm Mill Effluent
42. Study of Butyrate and Propionic in CSTR Performance for Palm Mill Effluent
43. Biofouling Control of Ultrafilteration MBR for Textile Dye Wastewater Treatment
44. Effect of PH and Glycerol Waste Water Ratio on the Pre-Treatment Process in the Production of Succinic Acid
45. "Development of Membrane Bioreactor for Decentralized Sewage Treatment System "
46. University-Industry Partnerships in Malaysia and Australia- Comparative Case Study
47. Anaerobic Conversion Of Biomass (POME Waste) For Hydrogen Production
48. LESTARI: Utilizing natural driven process for industrial wastewater treatment toward an environmental-friendly sustainable development
49. Integrated Rainwater and Ground Water Harvesting Via WASRA for clean Water Supply in Rural Area
50. Development of Portable Submerged Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) for Sustainable Batik Effluent Treatment
51. Development of Sustainable Alternative Fuel From Renewable Source of Water Using Green Technology
52. Encapsulation Of Natural Dye By Cyclodextrin: Effect Of Cyclodextrin Types And Concentration
53. Development of Submerged Membrance Bioreactor (MBR) For Sustainhable Batik Waste Treatment
54. Integrated Hybrid Coagulation-Direct Ultrafiltration For Production Of High Quality Drinking Water
55. Production of Fructo-Oligosaccharides From Natural Coconut For Diabetic Using A Novel Enzymatic Membrane Reactor
56. Application of Ultrasound Technology In Enhancing Current Domestic Waste Treatment Plant Efficiency.