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Associate Professor Dr Che Ku Mohammad Faizal Che Ku Yahya

Associate Professor Dr Che Ku Mohammad Faizal Che Ku Yahya

Academic : Energy and Environmental - Associate Professor

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2009 : Ijazah Kedoktoran (Doctoral Degree), Nagaoka University
2002 : Ijazah Sarjana (Masters Degree), Yamaguchi University
2000 : Ijazah Sarjana Muda (Bachelor Degree), Yamaguchi University

1. Synthesis & Reaction - High
2. Synthesis & Modification - High
3. Functional Modification/Immobilization - High
4. Synthesis And Performance Measurement - High
5. Composite Measurement - High

1. Development Of High Performance Hybrid-Active Solar Drying System With Cross Matrix Absorber Solar Collector
2. Development And Modification Of TIO2 Based-Nanophotocatalyst For Direct Conversion Of CO2 To Hydrocarbon Fuel
3. Mechanism of Electroporation Effect on Deformation of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Enhance Fermentation Process
4. Preparation of Sunlight-Driven Photocatalyst with Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Property for the Removal of Organic Pollutants
5. Prototype, development, fabrication of a natural coagulants aid from the plant-based sources for water purification
6. Inhibitor Removal in Biomass Processing using Advanced Membrane Material
7. Utilization of Sogo as Gel Polymer Electrolyte in Enzymatic Biofuel Cell: The Study on Performance and Compatibility
8. Fundamental Study On The Reaction Mechanisms And Kinetics Of Biobutanol Production From Oil Palm Frond Juice In A Stirred Tank Bioreactor
9. Bio-Refinery:Pilot Scale of Sugar Separation from Hydrolysis Products of Linocellulose Biomass Using Spiral-Wound Nanofiltration Membrane
10. Development And Charaterization Of Nanofiltration Hollow Fiber Membrane For Acetic Acid Removal From Oil Palm Biomass Hydrolysated
11. Study on Fluidized Bed Gasification of Various lingo Cellulosic Biomass
12. Effect of Ionic Liquid for Production Ethanol from Waste Paper
13. Design and Fabrication of Low Cost Portable Water Treatment System for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief
14. The Study on the Performance and Compatibility of Sago as Gel Polymer Electrolyte in Ezymatic Biofuel Cell
15. Local Made Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration Membrane for Sugar Separation from Hydrolysated of Oil Palm Biomass
16. Determination of Biocompounds of Tropical Soft Coral (Alycyonaceo sp.) for Future Pharmaceutical Applications
17. Optimization , Characterization and scale up of ultrasonically-assited extraction for the production of value added products from Eurycoma loongifolia, Labisia pumila and Ficus deltoidea for cosmeceutical and nutraceutical applications
18. Transfer of Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction (UAE) Knowledge for The Production of Value Added Products from Local Herbs of Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali), Labisia Pumila (Kacip Fatimah) and Ficus Deltoidea (Mas Cotek) for Cosmeceutical and Nutraceutical Applications)�
19. Development of Antifouling Silver (Ag) Nanoparticles Nanofiltration Membrane Through Interfacial Polymerization Method For Surface Water Treatment Application
20. Study of Mass Transfer Properties in Molecular Imprinting Membrane (MIM)"
21. Production of Biofuel from Oil Palm Trunks SAP for Via Fermentation Process
22. Enhanced Biosugars Recovery from Oil Palm Frond Juice for the Production of Value-Added Products
23. Examining of Multiple Mode Chromathography Interaction for Protein Separation using Mixed Membrane Concept
24. Formulation of High Performance Forward Osmosis Membrane and Its Relation to Mechanism of Reverse Salt Diffussion and Internal Concentration polarization
25. Anaerobic Digester Optimization At Pantai Sewage Treatment Plant
26. Isolation, Screening and Optimization of Local Microalgae Strain Growing on POME (Palm Oil Mil Effluent) for CO2 Sequestration
27. Analysis of Mixing Behaviour in Oscillatory Baffles Reactor (OBR) in the Transesterification of Refined Palm Oil to Produce Biodiesel using Ca (CH3O)2 as a Heterogeneous Catalyst
28. Molecular Interaction and Mass Transfer Analysis on Molecular Imprinted Membrane for Bisphenol a (BPA)Removal
29. Synthsis of Hydroplilic Polyethylene Derivative for the Development of Hybrid Hollow fiber Nano-Filtration Membrane
30. Development of a New Solid Catalyst from Industrial Waste for Biodiesel Production from Forest Seed Oil in Tubular Reactor
31. Development of a New Solid Catalyst from Industrial Waste for Biodiesel Production from Forest Seed Oil in Tubular Reactor
32. New Chemical Modification Technique of Nanofillers to Improve the Interaction with Polymer Matrix in Polymer Nanocompistes
33. Development of Membrane Chromatography Material for Protein Separation
34. Performance and Emission Characteristic of a Diesel Engine Operating with Biofuel
35. Molecular Imprinted Ultrafilration Membrance for Enducrine Disruptor Removal
36. Molecular Imprinted Ultrafilration Membrance for Enducrine Disruptor Removal
37. Production of Polyhydroxyaalkanoates (PHA) from oil palm Biomass
38. Chromatography Based Separation Techniques For Isolation of Protein From Whey
39. Continuous Fermentation of Palm Oil Trunk For Bioethanol Production
40. Process Development For Microalgae Growth and Oil Production on Sewage and Carbon Dioxide in Hybrid System of Closed-Culture and Open-Culture for Biodiesel Production
41. Molecular Imprinted Ultrafiltration Membrane for Endocrine Disruptor Removal From Drinking Water
42. Assesment of Protein Denaturatiion During The Scale-Up Process of Spray Drying
43. Design of Casting Process Control System for Automatic Flat Sheet Membrane Casting Machine.
44. Scale up of Purification of Monoclonal Immunoglobin G for 17-CAH Diagnostic Kits.
45. Process Optimization In Production Of Monoclonal Antibody Against 17-CAH.
46. Study Of Potential In Varnish Addtive Scale Up Production.
47. Natural Antioxidation Extraction From Local Biosource.
48. Essential Oils Extraction From Gaharu.