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    As Malaysia progresses rapidly towards achieving Vision 2020, the needs of engineering technologists are increasingly high in demand. Through strong cooperation with strategic partners from renowned national and international universities as well as smart partnership with leading industries, we are confident that our programs will be among the best in its field. We believe that teaching and learning session that are practical and hands-on will develop graduates who are more competitive, creative and innovative.

    Professor Dato’ Dr. Zularisam Ab Wahid

  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electrical) with Honours

    To provide students with fundamental knowledge in specific areas within the field of Engineering Technology (Electrical) as well as for educational preparation towards higher level education. The aim of Engineering Technology (electrical) is to develop, in each student, the degree of technical competency that would allow the graduate to be employed as an engineering technologist expert related to electrical control and power systems which involved in design, maintenance and supervision.
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Manufacturing) with Honours

    The aim of the Engineering Technology (Manufacturing) programme is to provide students with the educational preparation so that they will be able to enter careers as Technologists in many sectors of industry, especially manufacturing. The programme addresses the technical aspect covering among; Manufacturing Component design, Numerical Control System and Automated Manufacturing System; the element of fundamental engineering such as Engineering Mechanics, Fluid Power Technologies and Strength of Materials; and the aspect of management such as Industrial Quality Control, Engineering Economy and Energy Auditing.
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Energy & Environmental) with Honours

    The Engineering Technology (Energy & Environmental) undergraduate degree program aims to support the development of Energy and Environmental related industries in Malaysia by catering the needs of the Malaysian energy and environmental industries in the manufacturing and services sectors to fill in the existing lacunae of the manpower in the manufacturing industrial scenario. Chemical and Mechanical engineers are supported and assisted by energy and environmental technologists whose initial training period is reduced thereby gaining in terms of revenues and manpower hours of operation.
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Infrastructure Management) with Honours

    The aim of this program is to develop in each student, the degree of technical competency that would allow the graduate to be employed as an engineering technologist expert in related to infrastructure management involving in design, construction, operation, maintenance and supervision.
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Pharmaceutical) with Honours

    The aim of this program is to support the development of Pharmaceutical Industries in Malaysia by filling in the lacuna of the manpower in the Pharmaceutical manufacturing industrial, reducing the loss of revenues and manpower hours of operation due to long initial training period.
  • Bachelor of Occupational Safety & Health with Honours

    The aim of this program is to provide students with the educational preparation and to address the humanities aspects covering communication and ethics, the aspects of management such as industrial psychology, management information system and the element of occupational safety and health such as Industrial Hygiene, Industrial Toxicology, Fire Prevention and Protection System, Hazard Recognition and Risk Management, Industrial Safety, Ergonomics, Construction Safety and OSH Legislations.  


InSight FTeK

Smart Engagement for Teaching Factory
25 April 2016
Nanyang Polytechnique, Singapore
(Sakura Exchange Program in Science)
22-30 October 2016
University of Yamanashi, Japan
14-16 November 2016
MS Garden Hotel, Kuantan

Instructions For Preparing Your Full Paper For The 5th IYRW Workshop 2017
Before: 19 August 2017
Email to: kristanti@ump.edu.my

The 5th International Young Research Workshop on River Basin Environment and Management
28 - 29 October 2017
Hotel Swiss Garden Resort, Kuantan




Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electrical) with Honours (MQA/FA2291)




  1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and engineering technology principles to define and applied engineering technology procedures, processes, systems or methodologies in electrical engineering technology area.
  2. Solve broadly-defined engineering technology problems systematically to reach substantiated conclusions by using appropriate tools and techniques in electrical engineering technology field.
  3. Design solutions for broadly-defined electrical engineering technology problems, and to design systems, components or processes to meet specified needs with appropriate consideration for public health and safety, as well as cultural, societal, environmental and sustainability concerns.
  4. Plan and conduct experimental investigations of broadly-defined engineering technology problems by using data from relevant sources.
  5. Select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering technology tools, with an understanding of their limitations.
  6. Function effectively as individuals, and as members or leaders in diverse technical teams.
  7. Communicate effectively with the technical community and society at large.
  8. Demonstrate an awareness of and consideration for societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and their consequent responsibilities.
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of professional ethics, responsibilities and norms of engineering technology practices.
  10. Demonstrate an awareness of management, business practices and entrepreneurship.
  11. Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of technical practices, taking into account the need for sustainable development.
  12. Recognize the need for professional development and to engage in independent and lifelong learning.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

  1. To produce electrical engineering technologists with mastery of the needed expertise in industries using the foundation of technology and innovation.
  2. To prepare engineering technologists that demonstrate skills of lifelong learning for professional and personal development
  3. To prepare engineering technologists with good management skill, good professional ethics and understanding local law in electrical engineering issues
  4. To prepare global engineering technologists that work and communicate effectively in multinational and multidisciplinary engineering community.

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